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Multiple Payloads along with VID/PID swapper

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So I just reflashed my rubber-ducky with the m_duck_v2.hex and was pleasantly surprised when everything worked perfectly on the first try. Kudos to you who created that. Now I would like to take it a step further. The other firmwares had interesting things to offer as well, but what interests me the most would be the VID/PID swapper added to the multiple payloads firmware. Does something like this already exist? Or is there a way to accomplish this with the firmware already existing? Meaning, I now have multiple payloads working, I'd like the ability to switch the VID/PID as well. Similar to the cm_duck.hex where we had multiple payloads and USB/HID working together, can we get VID/PID switching (the vidpid.bin in / ) working with multiple payloads? A sort of mvp_duck.hex. Or if we go nuts, a mcvp_duck.hex :) Please let me know, this is something that has drawn my interest. Thank you.

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Thank you for the fast reply.

Yeah, that is pretty cool, but I was looking for the ability to switch PID/VID, not make it seem like a USB device. Also, for redundancy purposes I like to fire off multiple payloads like in the m_duck.hex version. So as of yet there is nothing that does both/all? Is there anything on the horizon?

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I've run out of space on the device. So need to invest in more time for heavy optimisation, and stripping out any (if possible) redundant code. To allow for more runtime memory.

I suppose an alternative option, is you have the payload, download the vidpid_swapper.exe from the internet, and execute it.

The second problem I've encountered is my failure to easily modify the serial_number - this is meant to be done on the heap, but I've run out of space. At the moment it can only be achieved by altering and re-flashing the firmware. If you think you can get involved as a developer please do.

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