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Stolen Laptop Scenario


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Hi all,

new member here and glad to join the forum.

So here is the story. I am in the middle of a pen test which also follows a stolen laptop scenario. I have obtained a sample laptop and created a user with admin rights on it. When i try to execute commands like net users /domain i get an error that the DOMAIN.com does not exist or could not be contacted.

*where DOMAIN is the domain name masked for confidentiality

i know that this is a valid domain which was verified from other tests. I have also managed to get access via webmail to more than 20 accounts and verified the domain from there.

I am not experience with TCP/IP configuration but this is what i did so far.

ipconfig /all shows the following

host name : the name of the pc

primary dns suffix: DOMAIN.com

Node Type : hybrid

IP routing enabled : no

wins proxy enabled: no

dns suffix search list: DOMAIN.com, DNS.DOMAIN.com (i added the dns.DOMAIN.com)

Other steps i followed was to change the dns entries in my network connection to have the dns of the organization. i also tried to find the FQDN but i was unable although zone transfers were permitted and i pretty much got everything.

the domain does not respond to ping.

I know that i am holding a workstation that is present on the domain and i also have valid username and password.

What else could i be doing wrong because i am stuck and i need this urgently in order to escalate.

thank you in advance

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