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Pre-built Kismet_drone images for WR841N/ND


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I have some pre-configured openwrt images for the TP-Link WR841N/ND

kismet_drone is installed and configured to listen on all interfaces

firewall is disabled, plug into wan to get a dhcp address from somewhere else or lan to get dhcp address from the router (

kismet_drone autostarts and has a init.d script

telnet into the router first, then set the password and then ssh is enabled.

for each image, check version (v7, v8, etc) and use sysupgrade image if flashing over already installed openwrt or factory is doing a install from factory software.

Use at your own risk, I have tested on a WR841ND v7 and works perfectly.

Don't forget to configure your kismet server to use connect to the drone!

Also have some hostapd-karma working images if anyone is interested.

Download here

still uploading some of the images so give it some time

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