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Naked and Shield-less MkV pictures


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Wow that layout is sex on a PCB. Love the RF squiggles on the back, very elegant layout.

woah nice man, thanks for posting this :) just cant wait for mine to show up... (live in aussie, give it 3 weeks haha)

I ordered mine on the monday after release, showed up this wednesday (UPS expedited, Aus post on our side). Not bad! Shouldn't be long now :)

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1.0 looked good with the antennas close together, but RF testing taught us a valuable lesson on diversity :-D *snicker*

It's like I tell my clients. Always know your wavelength, so you can have optimum separation when you wave it with others.

Actually, usually I say "What do you mean you moved the antennas closer together than what I designed?"

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Kudos, btw, on not soldering down the RF shields. +1 for repairability should, gourd forbid, the device take an accidental bath. Much easier to dry out this way =)

Some of the tabs that hold the shields are soldered. I have two boards and the tabs that have been soldered are not the same.

Re-work on these boards is NOT fun!

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