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Power adapter failure?


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Hey guys!

I just got my MK5 yesterday and it is amazing piece of kit, I can see why your so happy with it.

So what happened, I had it plugged in and running all night, woke up the morning, huh? Lights are off? Strange.. Double check all of the connections, try another power point with the adapter, still nothing. At this point I'm freaking out a little, my poor pineapple, and all of my test gear is at work!

Then I thought I'd try out another adapter, a 12V number I had on my desk for something else, lights come on, she's alive! What a relief. So, without jumping to conclusions, I think I may have gotten a dud power adapter. I'll bring the adapter to work tomorrow and see what it is putting out.

Other relevant info is I live in Australia with 240V mains, maybe there is an issue there? I know you would have tested the hell out of those adapters on 120V in the US, maybe they do something funny on 240V? Who knows.

Anyone else had any issues?

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Its all good! I've got stacks of adapters so no worries, thought I'd let you know about it incase there was an issue. I definitely recommend Melbourne, went on holidays there recently and did not want to go home. The beaches in Queensland are also very nice, and its summer here! :)

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Contact us at the Hakshop and we'll get you sorted. Really sorry about the inconvenience. I feel obliged to head south for some real world experience. So, Sydney or Melbourne?

I live in Sydney! I hear a lot of tourists saying how amazing the Opera House & Harbour Bridge is, so i suggest Sydney... Anyway the hak5 team should totally visit down under ;)

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Melbourne Darren!

I would be more than happy to give you a Melbourne tour, Anthony Bourdain style! Best Bars, best restaurants...best wifi's. It would also give us Aussie pen testers a chance to meet each other. I would love to start an aussie pen testers user group, maybe a location based hak5 chapters type set up (pictures a group of dudes (and Angelina Jolie) stealing each others fries with roller bladers cruising past).

It's time to notch up some corks to the cowboy hat!

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