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Laptop Screen Repair (Screen Too Dark to see)


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Hi Guys,

My brother brought his laptop to me because the screen went absolute dark one day and he could barely see anything. I had already done the basic troubleshooting with him then had him bring it over. It looked like the inverter had gone bad on it, so I replaced that and well lo and behold it did not.. So Then I replaced the screen with a brand new one thinking the Lamp on the old one went... Still Nothing... Thinking Maybe I was sent a Bad inverter I put the old one back in to only have the same problem still..... SO Short of buying another inverter can anyone think of what would cause the backlight of a LCD to not activate?


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I would say if it has any warranty, use that. But based off your attempts to really tear down the laptop, I'm guessing it doesn't have one. I have only had that happen one time. If you hold a flashlight at the right angle you can kind of see what is on the screen, that is typically the backlight. Luckily when my broke on my old laptop, it was under warranty. Check for bad capacitors or other components on the motherboard, checking for bulges or leaking.

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The backlight has another name, and is usually a quick replacement. Had it happen on an old gateway. Just be careful when taking apart the monitor, not to rip the ribbon to the LCD or screen type on the laptop. Not all laptops use the same kind of backlight part either, so you'll need to look for tare down instructions, which depending on the model are pretty generic, many videos on YouTUBE on how to replace one, just need to buy the part for your specific model of laptop. For example, the Gateway I had, used one backlight part(forgive me for not calling it by its rightful name, my A+ vocabulary is a it rusty. Back Light Inverter?) but my newer HP, looks, or seems to have two, one on either side of the screen, while the old gateway, had one, located near the bottom center of the screen.

Youtube search for different laptops: http://bit.ly/1bse1u4


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