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[TUT] Use WAN port on LAN


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So on the mk4 there are two ports the PoE Lan port and a WAN port (eth0 and eth1). The wan port is configured for DHCP when connecting with a wire to a wide area network. Now, what if we want to use it on the pineapples lan? Easy, lets get started.

NOTE: You will not be able to use the WAN port to connect directly to a network after doing this! You will, however, be able to use it to tether from a laptop or whatever you use.

1. SSH into your pineapple.

2. nano /etc/config/network

3. Comment out "option ifname eth1" under "config interface wan"

(It will look like this after)

config interface wan
       #option ifname        eth1
       option proto        dhcp

4. Change "option ifname eth0" under "config interface lan" to the following

option ifname   "eth0 eth1"

5. Change "option device eth0" under "config switch_vlan" to the following

config switch_vlan
       option device        "eth0 eth1"
       option vlan        1
       option ports        "0 1"

6. Save

7. Reboot your pineapple

I hope this helped someone :D

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