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[Support] strip-n-inject


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Hi @leg3nd, i tried your infusion many time but never success inject hook.js in traffic thought my Pineapple. I config my Pineapple work as "client mode", my inject code is "<meta http-equiv="cache-control" content="no-cache" /><script src=\"\" type=\"text/javascript\"></script>". My laptop is Kali Linux ( running beef server. I ssh to pineapple ( and run start.sh from "/pineapple/components/infusions/strip-n-inject/includes/".

Everything seen ok, but when i test suff web througt pineapple, the html page not be injected, i check the source code of html respone and it not have hook.js.

I don't know what's wrong? You can help me? Thanks alot!

Same results when you try it from the infusion UI?

An easy way to test if the strip-n-inject infusion is working is to inject a simple popup box:

<script>alert("It worked!!");</script>

Make sure you're not browsing on HTTPS directly because you cannot inject into encrypted HTTP traffic.

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Hello, I'm trying to make strip-n-inject work. When I click start it doesn't start... To make it start I need to run sslstrip and then strip-n-inject will run automatly but even there it won't inject any code.

I already try on many websites and check the source code and nothing was injected. :wacko:

I made it work running the sslstrip.py manually but I just made it work 2-3 times then idk how to make it work again... I just got the pineapple 2 days ago, but I already try to reboot and Factory Reset many times.

I hope someone have the answer, thanks! :grin:

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Hello guys, I'm having big trouble with Strip-n-inject... If I install the infusion on my internal storage then the Infusion won't run, and If I install it on the SD then the infusion will run but it won't let me get into my pineapple GUI. But if I kill this process from SSH:

 9261 root     14720 S    python sslstrip.py -s -k -f -w /sd/tmp/proxy_inject.

or (from top)

 9261     1 root     S    14756  24%   0% python sslstrip.py -s -k -f -w /sd/tm

Then this process will come up:

 9545  9542 root     S N  14728  24%   3% python /usr/bin/sslstrip 0.9 by Moxie

Strip-n-inject say it's running but it won't work at all.

If someone can help me would be awesome, thx guys.


The Infusion works well it inject code If I install it in to the SD, but I can't access my Pineapple via UI (From the browser) It got frizzed and It won't work until I kill the process that I quote before.


Now I got it working and I found the error, I guess the infusion doesn't run the script in background. Cuz if I run it manually (in background) it work and doesn't freeze the UI:

./start.sh &

I hope the dev can fix this, awesome job btw keep it up!


I just edit the this file "/sd/infusions/strip-n-inject/includes/actions.php", here it's my edit if someone need it, It works like a charm now!

global $directory, $rel_dir;                                                                                                                                                         
if (isset($_GET['codeinject']))                                                                                                                                                      
  if (isset($_GET['start']))                                                                                                                                                         
    shell_exec("/sd/infusions/strip-n-inject/includes/start.sh > /dev/null &");                                                                                                      
  if (isset($_GET['stop']))                                                                                                                                                          
  if (isset($_GET['install']))                                                                                                                                                       
     exec("chmod +x ".$directory."includes/install.sh");                                                                                                                             
     exec("bash ".$directory."includes/install.sh | at now");                                                                                                                        
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Hi there, version 1.4.0 may have broken compatibility with this infusion. It's not injecting anymore for me. I'm trying with the simple pop-up:

<script>alert("It worked!!");</script>

Edit: sorry for the late edit, I was able to make it work by launching manually sslstrip instead of using the tile.

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Hi bros, i have problem when install Strip-n-inject fusion after i upgrade my Mark V to 2.0.2. I don't know the host "cloud.wifipineapple.com" is down temporary or have something wrong with this firmware.

This is my log when i try install this fusion:

root@Pineapple:/sd/infusions/strip-n-inject/includes# ./install.sh
No packages removed.
Downloading http://cloud.wifipineapple.com/mk5/packages/Packages.gz.
Updated list of available packages in /var/opkg-lists/pineapple_packages.
Installing twisted-web (2.5.0-1) to root...
Downloading http://cloud.wifipineapple.com/mk5/packages/twisted-web_2.5.0-1_ar71xx.ipk.
wget: error getting response: Connection reset by peer
Collected errors:
 * opkg_download: Failed to download http://cloud.wifipineapple.com/mk5/packages/twisted-web_2.5.0-1_ar71xx.ipk, wget returned 1.
 * opkg_install_pkg: Failed to download twisted-web. Perhaps you need to run 'opkg update'?
 * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package twisted-web.
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I am interested in injecting a BeeF hook into browsers which are connected to my AP-- my own of course. From what I've read this is possible with Strip-N-Inejct; however, I have had some issues getting it to run. I've flashed, manually, to the most current update-- having issues with the WFIP seeing my SD. A little research suggests that I might have to reformat it. I went in and edited the inject.txt via CLI to <script>window.alert("You have new e-mail messages!");</script> as someone had suggested in order to test and see if it is running, but I am having no luck. When I try and run S-n-I from the GUI it doesn't 'start'. The only way I can start it is from the CLI via ./start.sh. If Strip-N-Inject wont work for what I am trying to do might there be another solution?

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