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What are you using your dip switches for?


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So far I'm loving my mk5 and a big thanks to the team for developing such a great product!

What I have not really figured out or seen on the forum is what people are or will use their dip switches for.

So I thought we should have a thread with configurations and ideas!

as a side note well I'm trying to figure out what cool things I could do with them, I have not been able to figure out when in the boot process commands in the dip switch config get issued...

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Autostart dnsspoof. I think this is right, it starts dnsspoof anyway..

dnsspoof -i br-lan -f /etc/pineapple/spoofhost > /dev/null 2>/tmp/dnsspoof.log

It's the command the small configuration window throws when you click the start dnsspoof button, so I think it's not going to blow up anything....

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I use mine to connect to witopia VPN using openvpn. I travel for work a lot and live out of a hotel room. All my devices( kindle, IPad, computer, phone) connect to the mark5 and then I only have to do the hotel captive portal logon once (sadly once a day).

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can you explain something more?

Just desolder the DIP switch (using desoldering pump/braid/gun) then you can add GPIO 01, 13, 15, 16 and 11 to the available I/O on the expansion bus. This is a bit of a pain using the stock I/O since the default firmware pinches some of them, but I just work around this. Eventually I will get around to modding the main part of the firmware (if I can be bothered) but for now I just use workarounds.

This way, you can have extra LEDs etc on the pineapple without needing an Arduino based expansion. The stock I/O can be used for switches, LEDs, buttons etc without an Arduino being involved. I was never 100% happy with the stock DIP switch implementation anyways.

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