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Mark V password / keyboard layout problem?


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Hi, i just received my mark V. I tried to set the password via the web interface. The password has % and $ characters in it. When the pineapple restarts and i try to log in with the password i set, it won't let me in. I later tried (after resetting the pineapple to defaults) to use a normal password without special characters. It works. Does the pineapple have problems with special characters or is my keyboard layout a problem? (Not US)

Thanks in advance :P

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Is your non special character password shorter than the first one? How many characters each? I seem to recall an issue with the MK4 where passwords were being shortened due to special characters.

Edit: Found the post by Mr Protocol that had the fix action. At the time using $ in a password would cause it to happen.

Below is a copy of the pertinent portion of that post.

If you are using the stock firmware of the pineapple (2.4.1) that you purchased from the HakShop

Used the GUI to change your password

If your password contains special characters (specifically $)


echo YOUR_ELITE_PASS > my_real_password

cat my_real_password

Try using the string returned to you from

cat my_real_password

to login as root.


protocol@protocol-desktop:~$ echo super$elite > test

protocol@protocol-desktop:~$ cat test


So if my new password was "super$elite" when put into the 2.4.1 web GUI, the password to login would be "super"

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