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Denial of Service attack - In Theory


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Hi all!

I'm a student and I need to know, JUST IN THEORY, for a research, how to perform a DoS or DDoS attack.

I mean, it's performed sending a large number of ping packet or clicking continously on the same link, or I don't know how many other possible ways.

What are the common ways to generate a DoS attack?

Can anyone help me?!


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G'day Mate,

An excellent way is purchase a "Rubber Ducky" and go from there. Literally, the heavens will open for you and the Ducky is reasonably priced. This is all in theory, naturally.

Good luck with your study and don't forget the Ducky.

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There's a billion ways to do DoS.

The long and short is that with any DoS/DDoS the idea is generally the same. You are trying to use up all the available resources of your target thus slowing down or halting the device completely. You can do ping of death, SYN flooding, infect the server with malware that uses up it's resources...etc You can also flood the system with so many requests that the bandwidth is all gobbled up. Even if the server could handle it, their bandwidth limit could not. Those are just a few examples.

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Traffic > than server/network can handle = DoS (Denial of Service)

Traffic multiplied across / controlled by many nodes (usually a bot net) sending traffic > server/network can handle = DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service)

That's the basics of it, but there are other kinds of DoS tricks these days, using DNS, consuming resources of a vulnerable web app, buffer over flows, loops that forge server to return and send null traffic to itself continually, or whatever method have you, if you eat up bandwidth and resources, you can cause a DoS so no one can reach the target, or even an OS can be caused to crash. Depends on what you're trying to accomplish. A simple firewall rule mis-configured can cause the same results, or mis-configured router, switch, or such can do same thing, unintentionally.

How you do it, if you are asking, that is on you to figure out. We don't condone DoS attacks, but discussion on the topic is not taboo, you're just on your own if you want to do something illegal, you get what you deserve if you get caught. To each their own...


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