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Karma MAC address whitelisting on 3.0.0


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Hi All,

I got a Mark IV recently running the 3.0.0 firmware. When I navigate to the Karma Config page, I only see an option for blacklisting MAC addresses(which if I understand right tells Karma not to spoof the particular MAC address). I was wondering if there's a way I can whitelist certain MAC addresses i.e tell Karma to spoof only those set of devices and ignore the probe requests from other devices.

The reason i wish to do this is because my building has an open wifi network which all my roommates/neighbors seem to use and when i enable KARMA, most of the devices seem to get connected to the pineapple. I have an old phone that i want KARMA to spoof without affecting the other devices. I tried using the 'iwpriv ath0 maccmd 1', but that doesn't help. Is there some way I can do this?

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