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Can you make a how to? :D

This is actually a travel case for cigars. It came from Thompson Cigar Company (http://www.thompsoncigar.com). I checked their website but wasn't able to find the same size case. They did have a few other cases that may work depending on the size and style that you want. Also, the Thompson website doesn't list the dimensions of the cases, so you may need to phone them to find out. Here are a couple of cases:

Black & Silver Aluminum Case - http://www.thompsoncigar.com/product/TRAVEL-ALUMINUM-CASE-FOR-10-CIGARS/78197.uts

Black Polypropylene Case - http://www.thompsoncigar.com/product/PROTEK-15-COUNT-TRAVEL-CASE/87709.uts

I checked ebay and was able to find the same case that I used. Two of them had "buy now" prices and one was bid only. Here are the links:




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Forgive my ignorance but what all is in that box? What are the ducky looking things with led on them?

The "ducky looking things" are partitioned U3 USB drives with custom payloads on them. Everything is attached with double-sided velcro for easy removal.


-1 WiFi Pineapple Mk IV

-1 Alfa AWUS036NHA (Atheros AR9271)

-1 Netgear WG111v3 (Realtek RTL8187)

-1 7" LCD monitor

-1 Alfa 7dBi panel antenna

-1 5V 3200 mAh battery pack (Pineapple Juice)

-1 5V 8600 mAh (I think) battery pack

-3 USB hubs

-3 Square credit card readers (2 first gen., 1 second gen.)

-A bunch of USB thumb drives

-1 SD/CF card reader with am SD/ Micro SD memory card

-1 ethernet cable

-1 AC adapter

-Various cables not depicted (USB OTG, USB - Micro USB, USB - 5v, and I don't know what else I've shoved in there)

I might be forgetting something... I don't know. Now I just need to make room for my Mark V.

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Looks ok, but waaaay underpowered =) One pinapple juice for all that? Are you joking? :)

If you look again, you'll notice that there are two battery packs in the case. I have five different battery packs that I alternate between... the Pineapple Juice is the weakest of them but the most photogenic.

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Wow. That's pretty cool. But why do you need 3 square card readers?

The Square is designed to read track 2 by default, so I modified each reader to read a different track.

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but both are weak 5v packs. get an anker with proper 12v output in addition to 2 5v usb ports! it's amazing.

and why lcd screen? i see no PI here.

Like I said, I have five battery packs (maybe even a sixth laying around here somewhere). The battery packs seen were selected for their photogenic value not for their power output, meaning they look cooler in the picture. The LCD is USB powered and has HDMI input for Android, Pi, or whatever. Sometime's I switch it out with a tablet and hook up a mouse and keyboard via USB OTG.

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Wow. That's pretty cool. But why do you need 3 square card readers?

Oh, and I meant to say why I even have them. The first generation squares can be used to read any magnetic card (i.e. driver's licenses, credit/ debit cards, gift cards, student IDs, membership cards, etc.). You can decode the sound waves and convert the data to plain text. Why? I use them primarily to demonstrate how easily card data can be read (even by legitimate merchants). I play around with NFC and card cloning too. It's just fun and it makes people say "WOW!"

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