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WiFi Chipset Question


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Hey guys, just bought a Mark 5 :D, just wondering with two chipsets now in the pineapple would it be possible to connect one to a network and use the other as the main-in-the-middle card? Therefore eliminating the need for a 3G/4G Dongle? For example:

iPhone--->Searches for McDonalds Free Wifi--->Connects to pineapple (with Atheros chipset using karma)--->Pineapple connects to McDonalds free wifi using other RTL chipset--->Re-directs all trafic through your pineapple--->Possible Profit?


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I set mine up exactly that way yesterday.well minibus the Micdonalds, but it would be easy enough to configure..the AR9331 is being used as the AP...I got the RTL8187 as a client that connects to my home AP.. So I can connect to the AR9331 labeled "free wifi". Anyone that connects has access to the internet via WLAN1.

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I believe Mr. Kitchen also identified in another thread that these two chipsets were selected for their strengths, and the one used as WLAN1(I don't remember which is which) is better for doing this than being an actual access point antenna. Using WLAN1 is going to be the best option for MITM.

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If there are two WiFi chipsets most loved by the hacker community it would be the ar9331 and rtl8187 - so we went with those. They both have some amazing strengths that compliment each other beautifully.

The AR is in fact wlan0 - it's the SoC (CPU) and does the AP mode. The RTL is great for just about anything from sniffing to injecting to client mode for ICS. Yes, it's stable as a client. The only thing it isn't great at is being an AP - which is what the AR is for.
They're unlocked and make a great duo.
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