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Splitting Connection with Pineapple


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Off the top of my head maybe it can't be done maybe it can is there a way to split the connections between the victims and you're connection using the pineapple cause lets assume you happen to be out in the field and someone else happens to have the same intentions you have seeing that the connection is open.

The only thing i can think of doing to keep someone forum possibly preforming MITM attacks my own connection would be to setup a VPN.

Is their any other way to share the same connection with the Pineapple and still have people connect without needing a VPN to keep them from preforming the same attacks on me.

Possibly the dumbest question i've asked so far and if my brain wasn't mosh from working on my site all day i'd possibly know the answer.

Was curious to hear what some of you do.

If i had 3g or 4g i'd use that but was hoping to use a shared internet.

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