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Is it just me or is the Network Client Tab in the network configuration block tied specifically to wlan0? whenever I use it to connect to an AP things go haywire and I end up having to reset back to factory. Which radio is that tied to and where is the other one? I have installed the wifi manager but that seems a bit buggy as well, Im really just trying to get a baring on what things are and what they are intended to do so I can put the to use and or better identify bugs etc......

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The client tab is using wlan1. It has an issue with setting the encryption type incorrectly. You can actually fix it with the WiFi Manager infusion. There's another post where I explain the details. You should not have to resort to a factory reset.

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I was thinking it was tied to wlan0 because it seems to boot me off wlan0 whenever I try using it to connect, but I havent tested that thoroughly, probably a result of other variables in play. I've tinkered with the suggestion from the thread on the encryption recommendation but havent been getting reliable results.

Currently tim getting he best results for me when I connect eth0 directly to a computer and ics or tether my android phone, which actually is the simplest so far.

I'm sure Seb and Darren are already aware of this but its sort of confusing seeing the tab and having wlan1 off by default, a nice addition would be a simple on/off toggle for wlan1 in that tab so we know they are related and so we can turn it on if needed.

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Are you sure about his, I was messing with it tonight and on my box it doesnt turn on wlan1 it changes wlan0 into client mode and connects with wlan0 which means I have to then connect it to br-lan in order to turn it off.


check this thread out, is this similar to what you are experiencing?

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