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A few questions about the Mark V from a beginner


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First of all, I apologize for the noob questions.

1. Are all the LEDs on the Pineapple Mark V supposed to continuously blink in a pattern during normal use? In the full-color manual it says that the blinking pattern means that the "Firmware Flash Completed Successfully". Because of this, I expect that with normal use only the green light should remain on... I might be overthinking this, because the Pineapple seems to be working fine otherwise. I'm still curious though.

2. The DNSSpoof feature does not work at all for me. I've cleared my DNS cache and followed all the instructions in the official 50 page Mark IV pdf, but I still cannot get it to function properly. I've read this recent thread by barry99705 where other Mark V users were struggling with getting DNSSpoof to work, but it wasn't clear whether this was a widespread problem and if there was any way to manually fix it.

I would really appreciate your help. Thanks! :)

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