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[+HELP] is pineapple subjet good for engenieering final project ?


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I'd say pineapple was more software than engineering. My security related project was steganography (doing it properly using LSB algo's, as apposed to using magic bytes in file formats) incorporate it with Crypto to reduce detection etc. Again more software than creating a physical device...

More insight to your courses and experience is appreciated.

Engineering-esc projects I've known are (unless im wrong correct me) yubi-key, hardware to fuzz and find vulns in specific hardware related protocols (usb/hdmi/firewire), drones, gun-drones, rogue wifi detection (& triangulation), auto-mobile hacking (odb2,can bus etc), satellite interception, DOCSIS interception (cable TV), exo-skeletons (help carry larger weight)(also think elysium), or the ultimate crypto box (think sneakers), or a way to track faces via cctv and wifi/3g/4g (interception) to correlate against facebook pages and other social media.

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