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Domain forwarding issues


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I looked at things other people have done. The go daddy site and other places what am I doing wrong. I am trying to point my old domain to new what have other people have done. How much different is this then the setup I used with my linux webserver in my living room. Explain what you guys have done to remedy this issue.

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Domain Forwarding for what?

Are you setting up a website or is this related to the wifi pineapple is what i don't get.

If you're talking about like forwarding a domain name say like you were the owner of hak5.org and you're domain register was godaddy and you were trying to forward the domain to say wifipineapple.com you'd need to go into your domain management for godaddy and forward the domain in there.

Godaddy if thats the place you host you're domain should be able to help you with forwarding you're domain name to another domain name.

It does take up to 72 hours once you make changes to a DNS for it to update world wide.

Best thing to do is i recommend using custom DNS servers say like googles custom dns servers cause there dns servers update fast so you'd see your domain possibly working with your forwarding.

Im sorry if the way im telling you is complicated.

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