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Mark V >5 minute boot up


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I thought I would add to this thread, I am having the same issue with my new replacement pineapple (last one was fried after a wetware issue and a usb battery pack).

I have a flashing amber light and a solid green.

Steps taken so far

I have changed the SD card for another

Formatted and re downloaded the upgrade.bin md5 files both 1.1 and 1.04

Performed the bricked reflash procedure

No luck

I can see the pineapple via ssh but this is only the MK5 Stager shell

Would love to get this working as I need to use it in a demo next week....

Please see this thread for a resolution!

Best Regards,


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I redid the unbricking procedure this time I left the SD card out of the slot for the procedure and reboot. My pineapple is now up and running.... :rolleyes:

We actually changed the instructions and got rid of the extra step - the stager - in between.

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Got my Mark V in the mail a week ago.

Had the same issue.

I had to order an adapter for SD cards.

I then reformatted the SD card and downloaded the files.

I still had the same issue.

I had to purchase a new SD card. After formatting it and putting the files it worked.

It seems this problem isnt unique to me. Very odd and cumbersome.

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Same problem, out of the box, it went green and then just flashing amber,

I fixed mine by reformatting it to FAT it was ext and just dropping in the downloaded versions of the bin and md5

Note i did the reformatting on a kali machine, not from windows idk if that makes a difference seems to with reformatting SD cards for my Pi

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