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USB Mass Storage Problem


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I'm sure you guys are about to see this quest for the 100th time already so here it gos again....



Using a 4 GB Cruzer Fit USB Stick no idea whats up with this. Anyone know the fix for this and im also curious to know if i will have to redo all this after the power is off on the pineapple the next time i use it.

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The worst problem with usb storage i encountered, is that my usb stick getting enumerated as sda in 50% of boots and as sdb in other 50%...

How can i fix this? This is always same setup with powered 3-port hub ('classic') and anker 12v power to mk4.

This is the last hurdle for me before getting some use out of mk4 as a remote dropbox.
I sometimes need to issue reboot command via ssh tunnel, but i am not sure if it will boot up with sda (mapped in /etc/config/fstab) or as sdb...

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Do not format the partitions with ext4. For your main storage, I would suggest ext2, and dont even format the second partition, that's what mkswap is for.

Not to mention, /dev/sda2 is what your computer reads it as, doesn't mean that's what it is for the pineapple ;).

this is interesting. The guides I saw said both should be formatted to ext4.

is there a reason it is better to use ext2 instead?

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