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embedded youtube videos not showing up on forum

Guest spazi

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Hi, as many have probably experienced, a lot of the embedded youtube videos that are posted on this forum are not showing up at all, just a empty thread post with a couple of words.

Not going to post a screenshot or anything, but just thought I'd let the forum admins know.

Results vary from browser to browser, but I know others are having issues as well.

Currently this is my experience so far:


Safari: Embedded video shows up just fine, but seldom loads/plays (could be an ipad bug)

MacBook 10.6.8:

Safari: Works

Firefox: Doesn't work

Chrome: Doesn't work

Will try it on my windows PC tomorrow.

I can't be the only one having this problem. Right?

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They work fine for me on *buntu 13.xx with Chromium.

Firefox for whatever reason doesn't work on the same system. Odd. I'm going to say it's a browser issue.

Fix for FireFox: Next to the URL there is a shield looking icon that is "Blocking content that may not be secure" click it and say to allow this page and Firefox should work. I'm also drunk and figured that out :P

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Lol I figured i'd bump this i tried post a couple links to youtube videos and the forum is now displaying the video it just shows a black area where the video should appear im using latest Firefox on a Desktop computer.

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