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Ducky used on a locked down system (Missing characters)


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Dear All,

I have been doing a pen test on a very locked down system and have had trouble with the ducky. I've been using it to type out scripts to notepad.

When I plug the duck into the system, it will start to write, but after the first 2 lines, everything screws up, characters or even sentences start to go missing.

The system has Symantec Endpoint protection enabled, so sometimes when I plug the duck in the pop up comes out and tells me that the device is disabled, but the duck will still write out on my notepad. Is Symantec endpoint blocking at certain points?

I have tried changing my VID/PID a few times, but the result is still the same, missing characters. Should I keep changing the VID/PID?

I have also tried adding Default_Delay and Delay after some commands.

I'm using V2 of the firmware. I haven't tried the Rand_Delay.hex firmware, do you think this will help?

Any suggestions?

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