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how would I go about accessing local wifi with this. Is there documentation?

Since the Pineapple has 2 built-in radios, you can place one in managed mode and one in master mode. This allows you to connect your Pineapple to a wireless network and share the internet connection with Pineapple clients. Here's how to do it:

1. Connect to your Pineapple (via ethernet cable or WiFi)

2. Open a web browser and log into your Pineapple (

3. Select the "Network" tile

4. Select the "Client Mode" tab

5. Select the drop-down menu and select the WiFi hotspot that you want to connect to

6. If the network uses WEP or WPA/WPA2 encryption, enter the key

7. Click "Connect to this network"

NOTE: The red LED indicator should light up solid.

That's it, your Pineapple should now be connected to the wireless network that you chose; and your Pineapple clients should have a working internet connection.

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Then it's not your network.... But seriously there are several different ways of potentially getting that key. If it's WPS enabled you could use Reaver or Bully. If it's WEP there's the aircrack-ng suite of tools. If it's WPA or WPA2 things just became harder but the aircrack-ng suite still comes into play. You'll have to deauth a client and record the four way handshake then run the that against a rainbow table of potential passwords and hope it's in there. Or you could always create a phishing page and use your Pineapple to try to gather login info... But, in my opinion these forums are not the place to ask for instructions/tutorials on how to do these things. They already exist in other locations and many Youtube videos.

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