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MkIV setup-LinuxMint15-running wp4 script, how to proceed ?


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Hi everyone, I'm still plugging away at this...I kinda gave up for a while, but since I've gotten into Linux, I figured I'd try the pineapple with this OS. So far, my built-in wireless card is having issues with detecting networks, but that's ok, since I can connect using an external Alfa.

I am working on a Lenovo ThinkPad x131e, and as I mentioned, am using a Alfa AWUS036NHA adapter to connect wirelessly to my home network. I'm on Linux Mint, v.15. I'm still kind of new to Linux. My pineapple is MkIV, running firmware 3.0.0

I'm following the initial setup guide (https://github.com/WiFiPineapple/web-interface/wiki/mk34quickstartguide), and have downloaded the wp4 script and run it. What do I need to do with the screen I'm seeing ? I understand that some of those lines are comments (#), but I'm hazy on which ones are meant to be commands. Do I need to paste these into a terminal ?

If I run wget wifipineapple.com/wp4.sh; chmod +x wp4.sh; ./wp4.sh, what do I need to type when the script runs ? y ? just hit enter ? I don't know. Any help is appreciated.

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...also, when running the script, it gives you values, before asking you for info. Are these default values acceptable for most setups ? I understand that some people might want to tweak that, but all things being equal, am I literally going to enter the same values that being presented in the script ?

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