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I just got my Pineapple mkVI and am trying to test out Karma with DNSSpoof. I have followed all of the instructions to get it all configured and am not sure how to test to see if it's working.

Here's a screenshot of my network settings. The wifi that my laptop is connected to with internet access is connected to 2Wire689, and then ethernet cable is going from my laptop to my pineapple.


Here are the IPv4 settings for the pineapple:


SO now I logged into the pineapple via web browser at and went to the DNSSPoof configuration and have this:


So now I should be able to turn DNSSpoofing on, and then turn Karma on, and when I try to connect another wireless device to my 2Wire router, karma should intercept it and make it connect to my pineapple instead, right? But that doesn't happen. Could someone please tell me where I'm going wrong? Thank you!

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Karma will only intercept under certain conditions - providing the device has a saved 'unsecured' wireless network in its preferred list. In your case the device is more likely to connect to the 2Wire network and not karma because 2Wire will provide a secured wireless connection - preferred over a unsecured.

Delete the entry for the 2Wire network from you testing device and ensure it has some unsecured wireless networks saved in its preferred list.

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Karma will not work efficient in a known environment, you should for best results create a new open 'free wifi' with your phone hotspot, connect your laptop to it, then turn off the 'free wifi' hotspot but also turn off your home wifi to simulate a foreign environment, the Pineapple with Karma enabled and working should then pick up the broadcast probes your laptop sends, and create the fake ssid and fool yor laptop into connecting.

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