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SMA are more professional and higher grade. That's why we moved to them!

I'm hard pressed to believe SMA is higher grade then SMA-RP. Now if you were talking changing families to MCX, MMCX, TNC, N, UHF, etc I might buy it depending on the freq.

But with that said I had picked up SMA to SMA-RP connectors to do tests on the spectrum analyzer for some HAM radio and GPS antenna designs. So I should be set with the arsenal of antennas I already own.

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We got rid of the MMCX pigtail and went with SMA soldered right onto the board. There were reports of some flaky connectors with the MK4 that this solves. A conversation with Mike Ossmann regarding signals and the Hack RF (which also went with SMA over RP-SMA) led to this decision. If you have existing RP-SMA gear it should be adaptable no problem.

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