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TL;DR: Our mistake. Shipping to Portugal is now half what it was showing up as. We're fixing this for all other countries now...

Thanks for the heads up. I've looked into it and it seems as though the UPS API in our shopping cart doesn't query our negotiated rates. That's fine since we simply update it with a percentage modifier. Typically for international orders we get 50% off the regular price. Unfortunately it's not showing that for UPS Worldwide Expedited - which is your best bet. Not sure why UPS Worldwide Saver is actually more expensive (someone at UPS should reconsider the name).

I've gone ahead and manually added weight based shipping rates to Portugal which bring the cost down from 63.16 to 37.91 - almost half the cost. Also to put that in perspective USPS -- the government-based mail service that turns it over to your government-based mail service at the border and who is more likely to lose the package, charge hella extra or hold it at the border for a week while customs officials play floor hockey with it -- is more expensive at 40.55. Getting UPS, which is far faster and reliable, to give us rates lower than USPS is kinda huge.

Shannon will be going through every country and verifying that we have the lowest rates possible, manually adding weight based rates where necessary.

Thanks for your fast reply.

I'm glad that shipping rates for European countries are being revised.

It would be great if we could have a European Distributor, because the customs duties and carrier fees that we pay buying outside EU, sometimes are higher than product price itself!

At Portugal case, every package sent from outside EU by UPS (or Fedex, DHL, etc) will be retained at portuguese customs.

According with product nature and price, customs duties and VAT will be added, which in my experience will be around 30% on top of invoice total. :(

Apart from this, UPS will charge a fee to handle the package release process from customs, around 50euro... :/

So as example a USB Rubber Ducky can cost me after all this:

$36.99(ducky) + $37.91(UPS Insured Expedited) = $74.90 around 55euro

55euro + 30%(customs duties + VAT) = 71.50euro

71.50euro + 50euro(UPS fee) = 121.50euro around $166 !!

Using USPS (United States Postal Service), package can pass through the customs without be retained.

USPS Priority and Flat-Rate will have, lets say around 25% chances not be retained.

If retained, will be only necessary to pay custom duties and VAT, if not we receive the package without any extra charges!

Of course we all know that with USPS we can lose the package, but its a risk that i would take.

Question: Why US Postal Economy International (7-30 Business Days) at $6.16 USD is not a shipping rate option for USB rubber Ducky?



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@Darren I know it's hard to say but can you give as an ETA for the European Distributor? I meen are we talking for days? Weeks? Months?

And ofcourse one big ***THANK YOU*** for all of this effort all you guys at ***HAK5*** put on this, we really appriciate everything.

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I just had MKV delivered to the UK by UPS and was charged a total of £25.77p being vat and UPS ''admin'' but still not sure if I'm going to get a bill for duties!! That was for Pineapple, rubber ducky and travel kit, not just the Pineapple

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+1 for an European distributor here.

The biggest problem right now for people in Europe is not only the very high shipping price but also custom taxes. Basically with a avg VAT of 20% in Europe + other customs duties you'll end up paying 200$ for an WiFi Pineapple Mark V Standard. This makes it impossible to buy the hardware.

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+1 4 EU!

I payed 25 euro's VAT for a single rubber ducky. 21% for the ducky and the rest is administrative Costs.

+1 for Euro too! For the rubber ducky i didn't pay any VAT (strangely) but for the MKV were 25 E of VAT..The problem is also regarding the warranty, it's very difficult to a non-US citizen to receive a replacement..So i hope in a soon European distributor too

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In these years I always managed to avoid to buy from Hak5 because of the lack of an EU distributor.

That's sad from my point of view and from yours as well. And considering the demand you should deeply think how to achieve this goal asap. :)

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I paid 50 euros to Spain for shipping charges and one count of tax and fees 30 euros more than I had to pay the carrier in hand on the door of my house.
I ordered the pineapple pack (110 $) and a usb ducky and all went for 180 euros, which is transformed into dollars 243,7 $

but my pineapple is here :D. arrived two weeks ago

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I purchased the wifi Pineapple Mark V on 29 November 2013 (Black Friday Bundle) for 99$ + 43$ shipping via USPS and it arrived on 7 January 2014 to Portugal. It took more than a month, but keep in mind that was close to christmas.

I didn't pay fees/customs, because I asked to Hak5 to declare the package as 30$.

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Well, i know this thread is old and i it is a repeated question.

But i hope Darren and the Hak5 Shop team can understand it...

Will there be an EU distribution near / this year ?

It is just still unattractive for us in the EU to buy something at the Hak5 Shop.

Thanks for any info.

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I pursued using a few fulfillment houses but I wasn't happy with their terms nor the amount of bureaucracy involved in getting setup. I'm now working with a friend with a business in the EU to setup distribution for a few products - MK5 included. I understand due to shipping and taxes shopping with us can be unattractive from Europe. We've worked hard to dramatically lower for cost of the former, however not much will change the later. With the forthcoming arrangement it may be slightly less, but whether on the front end or back end the man gets paid.

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Any progress on the European distributor ?

I see, that although separate item shipment prices to Denmark are the same as to UK, the shipment price adds up even if I add tiny things as The Ducky. It does not happen if I choose UK.
Fx. If I choose Mark V + Ducky in UK, the shipment price is the same (48$), but if I choose Denmark, additional 12$ is added :-(

It is smth. that is intende or can it be fixed as well ?


P.S. It takes me forever to get any proper answer by email.

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IMG_0747.PNGDHL calculates better rates for companies having lots of traffic. Also the handling fee is a fixed rate, so importing 1 Pineapple or 25 makes a huge difference. DHL charged me 25 EUR for a Pebble watch, so for me the Pineapple would be +25 EUR but for a big order of 25 items only +1 EUR / Pineapple.

On top of that Belgium seems to be one of the most expensive countries in the EU to import stuff from the US, my friends in The Netherlands and UK pay a lot less taxes.

Looking at the pricing of electronics in EU most companies use the same value in EUR as the price in USD, so the currency difference is used for all the taxes and fees.

Another reason why I didn't order is I looked at the webside on my iPhone while driving home and saw a nice Black Friday offer. When I arrived home I wanted to order but the price was +10 USD when looking at the same item from my PC?!?

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