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Monthly Scheduled Service

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The company I work for has implemented a monthly scheduled service plan for a bunch of our clients and it's kind of a pain to do and I think it could really be automated. One of my coworkers created an executable that runs makes sure java and windows are up to date and runs a few scanning programs like malwarebytes. It's really a pain and requires a lot of user input and becomes time consuming. Anyone have any suggestions on automating something like this?

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MalwareBytes (the business version, at least) has command line options to run silent updates and scans, so you can certainly script that and save the log to a location of your choice without user input.

I'm not sure what else to say without knowing the specifics. In general terms, you just need to write out what you want to achieve and what is wrong with the current process. Then you can go about finding improvements, whether by purchasing different tools, creating better scripts, or by identifying better processes. Break it up into little problems (e.g. that program crashes out) and look at them one by one if you don't know where to start.

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Windows OS, just throw the bat script in everyones startup folder, or use Task Scheduler to run it. Can also use Group Policy to make it run on boot if on a domain, but if these are third party client machines, I would just add it to programs startup. Thats what I do for bginfo that adds an overlay to my wallpaper to give me stats on HDD space, etc. You could also make it a windows service, so if it crashes it could be set to restart itself. Probably a dozen or so ways to do it.

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