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Pineapple as network relay/externder


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Hi Guys,

I have a short term need to extend my wifi to a floor that usually cant reach my wifi base station. I thought my pineapple and my 36H would be perfect for this task.

I am running v3.0.0 fw on my Mk4

From a fresh fw install, I have updated my pineapple bar and loaded the wifi manager to local storage.

I have set up the wifi manager and ICS as shown but the although I can successully make a dhcp request, the internet does not appear to be routing, can you help?

screen shots attached



I got hte initial details from WhistleMaster post on wifi manager which is where I got the idea from to use thepineapple as a relay.

It just doesnt seem to work. It does work when I set up to use 3g dongle but thats not a practicle solution.

Thanks for the help


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