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help edit the go.cmd


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got my U3 today, and ive tried adding code from it from my customised amish payload.bat and it just doesnt work...like i want individual folders for all the data stolen...and like pwfile.txt made automatically...but i cant!

so help a noob out

peace, merloddic

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lm hash dump

firefox password recovery

firefox historys?

product key dump

msn messenger saved passwords msn logs?

outlook passwords

installed hotfixes

system info, cpu, uptime, ram ect

network passwords

and other suggestions people?

thanks spektormax =)

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But i only need ... just that. no more.

what? the list i wrote out?

also can i have the results dumped in to a folder DocumentsLogfiles%computername% for ease of use

AND! can you have it auto generate me a pwfile.txt from the hashes?

and can Logfiles in Documents start with a capital L? :)



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how bout a small site that you fill out check boxes of what you want in your payload and it will compile the files into a zip for you :/

of course this would probably be a bit of a pain to program and if I had more javascript/perl exp I would try something like this...

just right click go.cmd hit edit and just get rid of the lines of stuff you don't want to boot up it's not even changing programming really

[edit] Sorry I think I just completely didn't see the 2nd page.. guess tormax and I are thinking in the same boat... however it is true if you don't know how to edit the payload yourself you're probably just using it to be a script kiddie...

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sure we'll use that as the rasone why we didnt build it no the fact that it take up a crap laod of time. The easiest way would be a PHP page that would simply do a zip of everything you need and make one LARGE go.BAT instead of a go, and install, and nmap, and a haksaw. It would then rewrite the go.bat. COme to think of it, if peopel don't mind the space, just have everythign downlaod, and some easy mechanisum for selecting wha tyou want, parsing it, and the just eddit the batches but giv eyou allt he programs jsut incase you wanted to edit it some yourself... start-asseorsies-notepad SIGH... start-programs-firefox-google.com-PHP-SIGH[/u]

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