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U3 install with the u3 servers down?


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You might be able to contact them via their support area. I helped a friend get the full installer for his U3 Smart Cruzer Titanium 4GB drive. Sadly the software for the Titanium wont install on a normal U3 Smart Cruzer. We already tried this. This is the only option I can think of to try next.

Also if you don't need the full launcher and just want to use the U3 Smart Drive as a emulated CDROM drive you can use a tool called u3-tool on sourceforge. I believe it is also in some of the repos for linux as well. Actually thinking of it might be possible to install a clean launcher this way if you have a known working U3 Smart drive of the same brand might be able to use a CD ripping tool and create a iso from the emulated CDROM drive of the working U3 flash drive and then using the u3-tool put that iso image back into the one you need the launcher re-installed on.

At least I can only hope that would work.


Ok I had a U3 Smart 2GB SanDisk flash drive that had been reinstalled a few years ago that has no built in apps, but at least has the ISO intact in the special area. I extracted the ISO image using PowerISO on windows. Then using the u3-tool I was able to re-activate the special CDROM drive emulation and then using the u3-tool program I was able to put the ISO, I had extracted from the other U3 Flash Drive, back into the U3 Flash Drive that had its emulation disabled. Thus far it seems to work ok. The only problem I see is that you will need to find a source for the program installers that would install the programs into the Launchpad profilers on the U3 drive. Otherwise this trick seems to work.

Personally I don't use the launchpad software anymore myself. I use the U3 Smart Flash Drive as Windows XP Install media as I found that is the easiest way to just put the XP install ISO into the special area of the U3 Smart Drive. Plus with the u3-tool you can actually change the reserved area of the ISO storage area. So should be able to use custom DVD ISO images as well on these drives. Sadly I don't have anything larger than a 2GB U3 Smart drive to test this.

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