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Tethering? problem on windows8


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Hello, im not really sure what is the problem im currently running windows8, and before you tell me dual booting to linux makes it work but the question is regarding Windows 8.

I have configured the tethering etc but somehow the pineapple device seems to dislike the windows 8.

From the windows machine i can ping, ssh or access it via the web interface.

But when i try to ping my windows machine from the pineapple device it dosent respond at all, the pineapple device actually shows the windows machine when looking in the web interface.

Also the pineapple wifi dosent give a internet connection but the problems are probily related somehow.

I tried searching around some and i looked at the installer wiki i probily just forgot some easy setting?

its a pineapple mark iv with 3.0.

In advance sorry but english is not my native language so there probily is alot of spelling and gramatical errors.

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