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Windows Seven Error


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We have a program which is necessary to use and i am sure that program is not a infected or anything as the issue is we can use that program on Win xp or old version of windows but when it comes to Windows seven it runs a file called "Werfault.exe" and terminate that program so the question is how we can turn of this "Werfault.exe" debug scan process or how we can run that program?

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Is the program a 16-bit executable? If so, you can only run 32 and 64 bit programs in Win7 and later now, so compatibility mode won't help. Best bet, Virtual Machine of XP setup just for the legacy application(s).

Werfault is just windows error reporting as far as I know, so thats not the problem(or shouldn't be). You can disable error reporting, but if the program you want to run itself crashes still, not going to help make it run.

start > run > services.msc > Windows Error Reporting Service > change to manual and then click stop.

Also, to see what the program you are running is doing, try right clicking My Computer > Manage > Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Applications and look through there to find the program you are running that is crashing.

Also, some apps, need to run as Administrator. You can try right clicking the program, and do a Run As Administrator, and see if it still crashes. If it does, check the event viewer to see what it says when it crashes.

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