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I decided to custom make my wifi pineapple


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So seeing that hak5 is sold out of the elite package. I decided to put together my own. Thank to the hak5 team for sending my pineapple fast. I would have made my own pineapple but the router is hard to find. I order a yagi ant. and a 2 watt amp both being shipped from china so they are not in the pic. Here are the specs.

1x wifi pineapple
1x Alfa 036H (The best card)
1x Alfa 036NHA
1x Alfa 051NH (2nd best)
1x Alfa 7dBi directional ant
1x 25dBi yagi ant
1x 2000mw wifi amplifier
2x sma extensions
1x 4-port usb hub w/ external power option
1x usb to barrel 1mm for usb hub
1x usb to barrel for pineapple
1x lenmar undead power 11000mAh 1/2.4A max 2/1A max 3/1A max
1x SanDisk 4GB Cruzer Fit
1x cat5 patch cable
1x Pelican 1050 Case

I hope this all comes together nicely. I will post stats when I am done installing everything in the box.


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