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battery pack issue


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Hmm, My pineapple (alfa AP121) starts up perfectly with the adapter and is working fine. I'm using the latest firmware.

I recently bought a verbatim battery pack (Dual USB power pack packs with 10,000mAh battery inside)

Works fine for my Iphone and Ipad so I know the battery pack is working fine.

When I try to start the pineapple up with it it looks like its going for a startup, the leds start blinging, then the wps button starts blinging (like the normal startup with the adapter)

but then it doesn't start up and it looks like its trying to restart over and over again..

Anyone has any idea what the problem could be.



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The Anker 3 (NOT the 3E) is what I believe fox was indicating. The 3E was a 10000mAh, but only had dual .5V outputs, no adjustable voltage.

Anker appears to have rebranded their "3" as the "Anker Pro" now. Amazon has it, and it's all the same specs as the "3" used to be.

Here's a link:


I can tell you first hand that these ARE the one you want. I've purchased 3 of 'em now, they work amazing with the MIV. The 9/12v cable that comes with the battery doesn't even need any of the attachment ends...connect one to the battery, one to the fruit, select 9v (or 12v), and you're up and running, complete with usb drive, hub, and external Alfa...for a very long time.

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