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Use WAN port as second LAN port


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Hello all, my question is simple. I would like to know is it is possible to use the pineapples WAN port as a second LAN port for say another computer to connect to other the the PoE/LAN port. I would assume this is possible (and i just have no idea how to do it) due to the fact that its the WAN/"LAN" port. Sorry to sound like a big noob here but i really need help.

Thanks -BOOB00

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I was just talking with Sebkinne at DerbyCon about this very thing. :P he said you can simply plug a cable into the WAN port (eth1) and it will DHCP for an address. I tried this, worked fine. So maybe you can plug it right into your LAN at home that way? Works for me because I can leave it out in the garage on the rack where I wired in a 30A power suppply for all that fan noise and hot electronic stuff. Obviously you need a DHCP server running.

The issue I see now tho... I put the MAC address of the eth1 port into my DHCP server so it will always DHCP for the same IP. For some reason it is not work... yet. Actually I am starting to suspect the DHCP lease expiry rather than the pineapple so I will be sure to report back if I notice anything odd with that.

The other thing, I *think* i saw something in the wiki about this, with a few commands to run to update the firewall when using this method of connecting to the WAN port. That might not apply with DHCP, but better check it out to be sure.


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