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unable to rip mp3 null/unable to locate artist and song info


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I know that this has been addressed in the main thread, but none of the solutions I have seen work so far.

The JAR window shows something like this:

localhost connected to server.

localhost connected to server.

localhost connected to server.

unable to rip MP3 null

And on the firefox window under the "grab this track" button the top field displays "unable to locate artist and song info."

I haven't been able to rip a single mp3 yet, I've tried using pandora versions 7.3 and 7.3.1. I've also tried using that different version of pandora.jar that someone posted in the main thread, and none of these things work.

To cover the basic questions you'll ask:

Yes I have completely uninstalled flash 9.

Yes I have installed flash 8.

Yes I have the newest JRE.

So, I'm not sure what exactly could be going wrong, and I've never coded in java so I'm kind of out of my league in all of this. I've tried manually controlling it, using cruise control, and I'm not even sure if the "unable to locate artist and song information" thing is related to the mp3 ripping error, but something is off.

Is anyone else having this problem? Does any have a solution or even an idea?

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just a neat friendly question...


Thanks for your attention.

And to be not such a prick (but I somehow needed that little sally, sorry ;)):

No the project is not dead yet (can an open-source project die at all??), but the main coders that endowed us with the previous versions seem to have not enough time to work on...

If you take a teensy-weensy look at the poodledy-doodledy-post above you...

you will see this: http://www.hak5.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t...sc&start=15

and next time don't be too lazy. Sorry for offending you but we had that several times in the big pandora-thread, so I'm quite upset! ;)

oh... did I mention that I tend to be choleric in some situations?

gotta have something to do with my multiple personality disorder...

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i know that thread.

it requires me to name all songs manually.

and by the thread above me, i thought you were talking about the discussion thread

that thread is a mess. they need to lock it and make a new fresh one that is not filled with spam

i wish there was a way to it the get name and artist from the pandora window. if it can display the text then it should be stored as a text value somewhere

it would be cool if they can make pandora jar like how videogame trainers are made.

if i use a memory editor used for games, it can pick up the names on the fly

currently listening to this song


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