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Questions about the new pineapple 3.0.0 firmware


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Just two questions about the lastest release of the update pineapple firmware to 3.0.0.

I like the new interface and realise that painstaking time and hard work went into and it shows so keep up the great work guys.

My first question would be - with this new interface where is the dnsspoof log and the phishing logs located? In the old interface they were under the logs tab but not sure where they are now. I recently upgraded and wanted to try it out so i upgraded and install some infusions on usb with no errors or problems and i set to laptops up one with windows and internet explorer and the other one is my usualy Kali linux machine which the pineapple is connected. I started dnsspoof on the pineapple and on my windows machine i navigated to facebook, twitter etc all of which loaded up no problem so i entered in my lamepassword and again no errors.

So i'm just wondering where these logs are in the new pineapple interface. Also i can scp into the pineapple but still cant locate them.

And am not sure if my second question has been answered already, if it that then i apologize, my pineapple log file is being cluttered by this:

"Pineapple user.notice root: Mobile.Keepalive: Still Redialing..."

does some one know how to sort this out as its filling up my log file very rapidly?

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TLDR: SSH to pineapple then issue the command mkdir /pineapple/logs

I know I already sent you the message, but for other people that have the problem here's the solution.

I don't know why you are getting that weird message in your logs. I get the same thing too.

In the root directory find the "pineapple" folder and while your in there create a folder called "logs". That's it. You should see your phishing logs now in there. When the error.php file tries to write in the "/pineapple/logs/" folder it fails because the folder "logs" is not there. Hope that helps.
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