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WIP Script that attemps dsploit on PC


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Hello Community, this is my take in a script that attemps to port some of dsploit functionality to normal the PC world. There is alot of apps that do this, but they are single apps.

Right Now, this only as port scanner and os scanner, but i'm planning to include mitm functions and packet forger (hping) and other (future). This is very first day release.

Does some one knows how to do the redirect function in dpsloit in desktop? I have found this http://forum.backbox.org/general-support/dsploit-website-redirect-feature/ which gives almost all information, but lacks the transparent proxy redirect. I have thought of squid, but still can't find the wright config.

Tell me what you this about this, and what it need to be better. Help me with code if you can/want

Main script: bash.sh


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