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Simple Wireless ICS Script


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Description: This a a very simple and minimalistic infusion that allows for a script-managed wireless connection for connection sharing. Although I did like the feature set of WifiManager, I personally prefer a more minimalist and script-based approach. This infusion provides network status information as well as an interface to manage the script.

Note: When adjusting the variables in the wireless script, maintain the quotation formatting! This is required for the script to function correctly.

Feature Set:

Script Editor: A basic text editor that allows for editing of the script on the fly.


Status Monitor: Outputs important information on your network connection to the small and large tiles. Including: iwconfig, ifconfig, and ping.

Example Output:

802.11bg ESSID:"MyGuest" wlan1
2.437 GHz Access Point: AE:22:0A:32:34:F9
Quality=70/70 Signal level=-4 dBm Link

PING google.com ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from 17.938 

Auto Refresh

Enable/Disable and Logging in Small Tile


Enjoy! :ph34r:

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Should consider it a compliment! ;) I (like most people) am using many of your infusions and enjoy them greatly.

Honestly it would be cool if the starting point included some of your GUI code as a library. I would guess that most people that are here are pentesters, not PHP/JQuery dev's - so from the daily life of a pentester point of view we just want to get things out and stable as quickly as possible which generally means not reinventing the wheel.

Feel free to add the code for your WiFi Manager (although its very minimal PHP, I just did most of the parsing in BASH). There's probably much more elegant ways to implement it, but it works for my purposes and only took a few minutes to do.

From my point of view the purpose of this was to make something lightweight, minimalist, yet still informative - integrating into a more complex infusion kinda defeats that purpose. So I personally would not use it, however that doesn't mean that others wouldn't enjoy it, so feel free to do what you'd like. :)

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