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MiTV now A&W


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My media center project now called A&W standing for Alice & Wonderland has taken over my old Mac Media Center idea. You can follow along with my progress over at my blog www.Shinmaryuu.vox.com from now on. I just posted stats this morning and i will be posting a beta test picture using my eMachine in place of Alice later on today. The cockpit feel is very cool ^_^.

Alice = Media Center

Wonderland = 6TB 8Bay Firewire Drive Enclosure built 750GB at a time.

Wonderland - Alice - 17" Monitor & 20" TV = Media Center Glory.

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Do you have any pictures of your setup?

Im in the middle of trying to setup another media center. I did the whole modded xbox thing with XBMC and it was cake. Now, Im wondering what benefits Im going to get with a computer. I see none. The price tag of a used or "broken" xbox on ebay is pretty much telling me I should mod another xbox. And, Im not sure I want to attempt to mod a 360.

Currently, I have about 800g server that the xbox streams content from. I dont really like this idea. So, should I just setup something like this in utility room? Does anyone have experience using just NAT for media centers?

Now I just have to figure out how I can map two NAT storage units into one network that both xbox's can stream from.

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How much did you spend on this stuff? :shock:

Looking at about a grand for the Media Center.

The 6TB tower will be alot but i am buying it over time so it won't be so bad.

I like the layout of your site, pink/purple is the new punk.

Yeah :)

And yes pictures will be around on my blog later today.

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