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iOS7 Changed Wi-Fi Behavior


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The recently released Apple iOS7 changes the device's Wi-Fi behavior.

It requires the device to contact an Apple website in order to use Wi-Fi at all, unless the user knows the steps to get around this feature. One such site is captive.apple.com, another is airport.us, but there are as many as 200 others according to reports.

Before, the device could contact one site: http://www.apple.com/library/test/success.html, or just /library/test/success.html on the LAN, and it would allow the user full use of the Safari browser even if just pulling down local content not on the Internet.

Now with iOS7, if you connect to Wi-FI, but not actually on the Internet, your device will not get success.html from whatever site it picked. You are frozen out of Safari and shown a handicapped Log-In browser instead.

Unless - you follow these steps:

Tap "Cancel"

Tap "Use Without Internet" IF it appears. It seems that this option doesn't always show up.

You will be sent to Settings, but you have to back out of that, stay connected to Wi-Fi and go back to your browser.

Now you can use your local Wi-Fi without Internet.

The above is as I understand it as of this point. I hope that a solution can be found.

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Pretty sure they've been doing this for a while now.

Yes and No.

Pre-iOS7 devices had captive portal detection, but the procedure changed in 7.

Now, devices attempt to randomly contact one of the new Apple sites such as www.itools.info, www.ibook.info, captive.apple.com and others.

Although what the devices get from these sites is success.html, what they request is a long, unpredictable path and file. Here's an example:


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