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Setting up router at Uni


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So I'm currently in my girlfriends dorm and she is only allowed to register one device via ethernet and the Wi-Fi is charged (-.-) so I brought along a cheap Buffalo router I had laying around and was planning to just clone the MAC over and be done with it, nut obviously that's not happening...

Now before people scream at me for trying to undermine her Uni's network I did go to reception and ask to get put through to I.T and they told me they do not support additional routers/switches but I was welcome to try if I thought I could crack it.

Now I know a little bit about networking but when it gets into corporate stuff a lot of things are new to me, once the MAC was cloned over the router got her networks WAN domain name "customer.wyatt.opal.lan" which is the right one as when I connect my MacBook which is unassosiated I get "unassosiated.wyatt.opal.lan"


This does not give me internet access.

I have tried cloning all the details from her active connection when plugged directly into the router but still do not get any connection.

A screenshot when her laptop is directly plugged into the wall:



My friend said on the phone (had to go outside in the rain (>.>) that it's because of the DNS suffix but I thought I'd post here and ask.

Any help would be appreciated as I can't even get mobile signal in her room

Thanks guys :D

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Does the router have any kind of debug/diagnostics where it can ping things? See if that has the ability to see further into the network.

Is the router set up to do do NAT or just bridge the WAN and LAN? It should be NATing so the WAN side sees only one device rather than multiple

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