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help me to get rid of the ask search toolbar


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I'm troubled with ask search toolbar, it is difficult to get rid of it, i also ask this for help, someone give me a removal guide link,

here But it requires to download sth, so can someone know whether it is reliable? , and my OS is windows 7, Please help!

You can uninstall it from programs and features in the control panel. I remove it on a weekly basis at client sites. Then I remove the other twenty or so toolbars they end up installing with acrobat and flash updates...

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Also, some toolbars, can be removed from within the browser itself under add-ons or in IE > internet options > manage add-ons > toolbars > right click, properties, remove. If doesn't, control panel, programs, uninstall!

If doesn't remove it, then may not be real ask toolbar, and need to look through registry to find rouge, fake toolbar under browser and delete the key(not recommended for novice users if not familiar with regedit).

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