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the creator of ReiserFS - a murder?


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yea, i wouldn't feel entirely all that nice using (charles) mansonfs. that would feel kinda creepy. i guess change it to TINAFS (This Is Not A File System) or something completely different. Otherwise it just feels kinda weird

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SuSE 10.1 (and older versions) use ReiserFS by default... will it still be that way when 10.2 rolls around? ;)

i think that suse has actually changed and is no longer using reiserfs as their default, but i think that there would be technical reasons for that and not just something to do with this whole thing

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Reiser3 is a dead end on technical merit, and Reiser4 is a rather hot potato to play with it seems.

If Hans gets convicted for the murder of his ex-wife, it's probably curtains for Reiser4 as Hans was pretty much the only person on the planet that was pushing for getting it into the kernel.

I was pretty certain I was going to use XFS for my massive fileserver, but I read recently that XFS isn't exactly appreciated by the kernel devs either. It seems SGI made the module for IRIX, and then added a translation layer of sorts so that they can use it in Linux aswell. I'm now investigating using JFS, IBM's Journalled FileSystem. It seems to have everything I want in a filesystem these days.

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Nah. That's because of the Novell-Microsoft patent deal.

What better way to show off the superiority of Windows when you hamper the competition by having it default to a mediocre filesystem?

Anyways, here's the latest news I was able to find on the trial:


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