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[question] Mix Twin Duck and Composite Duck - Special Request 001?

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Would it be possible to mix the two firmware....

I know that SP001 has a SD mount feature but it takes forever to be recognized

I would like for twin duck to wait til the CAPS lock to be pressed before it executes the inject.bin

This way it would be very benificial for testing as you can test the payload without fear of damaging you machine

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you probably want cm_duck.hex; (alpha)

Duck will initially mount as Mass Storage Device.

Numlock - triggers payload 1 (inject.bin)
Capslock - triggers payload 2 (inject2.bin)

Due to memory restrictions, as both payloads are loaded into Ducky memory - you are limited to 2048-Bytes of instructions per inject-payload!

Also only one payload can be triggered, so you have a choice payload A or payload B. NOT BOTH!!!

Or even SP002

From Forum Request(http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/28470-custom-firmware-request/), to stop auto-loading HID payload.

Now HID starts injecting on GPIO trigger.

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