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htaccess 401 websites don't pass to Mark4 clients


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I've got the Mark 4 pineapple running, ethernet to a MBP, and karma/wifi enabled with the network infusion sharing internet. Works great, wifi clients of the pineapple connect to the web and live happy lives.

There's a catch.. If the client (guy on an ipad) goes to a website that responds with 401 .htaccess to provide user/pass, the prompt never appears on the client. Disconnect from the pineapple and hit the page on regular comms and the prompt shows up, but through the pineapple and ICS no prompt. The page just times out. I *do* see the request hit the server and the 401 response to kick the password prompt back to the user, but the user never receives the prompt. The page just sits there. Other non-200 responses come back like 404 and even 500, but no joy on 401.

Next thing I'll try is taking the pineapple out of the loop and testing it through the MBP ICS to make sure it's not related to that. Any clues welcomed.

thank you!

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