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Gateway just wont power on


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I have this computer, its a Gateway MFATXPNT ESX 500S. The machine just will not power on. I opened the computer and when it is plugged in there is power on the motherboard (There is a LED that indicates that). But Whenever i push the switch on the front of the case it does not do anything. There is also a test switch on the power supply that when it is pressed the LED right beside comes on and the CPU fan comes on and the hard drive and CD, but it wont start the video or anything, so I know it is not the Power supply that is bad. Yes i have made sure that the front panel is connected in the right place and I have tried removing the battery to reset the CMOS but still I get nothing. There is onboard video, not sure if it has anything to do with it though. Does anyone have a clue what to do?

(If there is no hope the 2GHZ P4 processor in it still works. I got it for free from a guy at my church who couldnt figure out why it wouldnt cut on and he wanted to just upgrade and buy a new computer rather than have it fixed.)

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