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Hey guys, I'm not sure if I've asked here before if so sorry for the double post, but I'm wondering, is there any other alternative out there to the Adito Lars Werner project? I have been using it since I first heard about it on hak5, but it appears to be a dead project and support for it is minimal.

I absolutely love the project it's came in use so many ways, I'm curious if there is something else out there that's up to date. I mainly use it for file transfer's and network resources.

So if there is something similar that user's can sign in via https and upload/download (mostly family pictures) files that will work also. I remembered I googled for other ssl-vpn solutions along time ago, but didn't find much unless it was for a business and I wanted to buy licensing.

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Yea I use OpenVPN via Untangle which works great! I'm more looking for something more equivalent to Adito. Basically a site running on the server at home that I can point the user's to said address and they can log in and have a listing or what not of file's on the site.

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So I'm surprised there isn't anything out there like Adito from my googling and posting here. I have a couple questions though. I am a bit rusty as it's been awhile given my current situation, but I have Adito running on a 2k8R2 box and it would not run on port 443. The box is basically fresh install with very minimal other software installed. I'm trying to figure out why it will not run on port 443, well the service fails to start if I try to use that port.

I've checked netstat -aon and the PID came back as 4 and looking in task manager it shows System using PID 4 so I'm confused as to figure out what is using port 443? It shows listening in netstat, but no idea what's listening?

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